What's good?

The Rule Them All CS are up! Like I said in the previous news post, it is a split release between us and Streets of Hate Fanzine. We have a run of 50 in our web store and 50 in theirs, you can order ours here and theirs here. Pick up the copy of the Illusion demo they put out too. News about Rule Them All's first show will be up soon, it's going to be tentatively 11/5. Don't forget that you can stream the EP on Spotify, Apple Music, etc. as well as on bandcamp here.

The Sanction 12" four way split with Vatican, Funerals and Iron Curtain is still in the store. We got copies of the Mind Force - "The Future Of" 7" and Recycled Earth "Assignment: Survival" CS from Trip Machine Labs, and they're going fast. We also got a package of stuff from CT Hate that is almost out, we have one copy of the Cast In Blood "Consumed to Ashes" CD left. Label shirts are sold out and a new color way will be printed soon, we have one leftover Sanction x Reconsider Records shirt in Medium that I marked down to $5. Now for updates on the bands...


The first pressing of "The Infringement of God's Plan" is sold out in our store. Crazy how quickly that it went, thank you to anyone that purchased it. For all you US collectors out there, the first pressing is still available at RevHQ, Preserving Silence, Bitter Melody Records and other distros. For the Japanese, you can grab it (and many other Reconsider releases) from Retribution Network. Currently, we sadly do not have a solid distribution connection in Europe but I am working on that right now. If you are in Europe and interested in taking multiple copies of the next pressing of the CDEP, please feel free to contact me and we an work something out.

A second pressing is in the works right, with alterations to be able to differentiate the two different pressings. It should be in our hands by the end of October and will be shipping then. You can preorder it in our store now.

Sanction is currently just playing out regionally with plans to do some heavy touring early next year. More news on that soon. They're playing dates with label mates Recycled Earth, Knocked Loose, Despised Icon, On Broken Wings, Vein and more. Here are some of those dates coming up:

10/6/17 Wilmington, DE w/Vicious Embrace, Heavens Die and more

10/7/17 Syracuse, NY w/Recycled Earth, Buried Dreams and more

10/8/17 Wallingford, CT w/Recycled Earth, Vicious Embrace, Slavestate and more

10/21/17 Brooklyn, NY w/On Broken Wings, Recon, Line of Scrimmage, Vein, Buried Dreams and more

11/3/17 Amityville, NY w/Despised Icon and Internal Bleeding

11/4/17 Howell, NJ w/Despised Icon, Knocked Loose, Internal Bleeding, Jesus Piece, Vein and more


The first pressing of "Force Fed Misery" is sold out in our store! You can grab the remaining copies at RevHQ for the US and then Retribution Network for Japan and then it'll be completely sold out. Leftover shirts from the Year of the Knife/Vamachara tour will be up soon. Separated have no shows lined up right now, but there will be tentatively a tour this winter with some cool bands. More info on that and a new EP soon....


Jukai is playing an east coast weekend with Vein and Harness then going to take a little break to focus on writing. Another big thing of note is that Trip Machine Labs will be releasing a compilation 12" of the original two Jukai demos before Zach moved to vocals and they released the Bottom Out flexi 7" and everything after that. We only have two copies left of the split with Recycled Earth in our store, grab one here or on RevHQ.

10/13/17 Amityville, NY w/Vein, Harness, Mind Force, The Fight and Illusion

10/14/17 Richmond, VA w/Dead & Dreaming, Vein, Harness, Break Away and Watch Dogs

10/15/17 Philadelphia, PA (matinee) w/Vein, Harness, Ammunition and the New Harmony


I mentioned it earlier but we just added copies of the CS that Trip Machine put out for Recycled Earth up in our distro, make sure to pick one up. Recycled Earth have a couple shows coming up with Sanction, Buried Dreams, Vicious Embrace, Slavestate and more coming up in a week. They also just printed a sick hoodie with the Reconsider logo on the back that looks mad clean. Grab one at one of the dates if you didn't at Binghamton Style w/District 9 and Cold World!

10/7/17 Syracuse, NY w/Sanction, Buried Dreams and more

10/8/17 Wallingford, CT w/Sanction, Vicious Embrace, Slavestate and more

Thanks for reading!